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Pyrography is the art of burning patterns, shapes and pictures onto wood, plastic or leather.

On the left is an example that I did on a shaped piece of pine board. The board was shaped and routered and sanded before the image was burned on using a pyrography tool. Three coats of gloss varnish were added to the finished piece.

Scroll Saw Work

The Apple and Pear kitchen plaques were made in pine by drawing the shape of the fruit onto the wood, then carefully cutting them out using a Scroll Saw. Once the pieces were cut, they were given a colour wash, re-assembled and glue to the backing board. When dry, these plaques were given 3 coats of satin varnish.

Plywood Laminated Sculpture

Although I did not fully make this Shark it was my design. It took many sheets of paper to mark out each piece ΒΌ” larger or smaller than the next or previous piece. After all the pieces had been cut, they were glued and clamped together using numerous ‘G’ clamps. When dry, the 2′ 6″ long shark was shaped using a Black & Decker Power file and then came the laborious job of finishing by hand using sandpaper. The base and ‘Seaweed’ effect were made in the same way. Finally we applied 5 coats of Polyurethane varnish that gave the shark a fantastic gloss finish.

Garden Decor

It’s amazing what you can do with a few old pallets, some nails, preservative and a lot of imagination.

The barrows and wishing well were made from a few old pallets that I had at the bottom of the garden. Have you seen the same thing priced in a Garden Centre ?

Left over ’tile laths’ were used to create the slatted planters, which sold like hotcakes at a local Car Boot Sale.

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