Ron GreenfieldBorn with a pencil in his hand and creating art for as long as he can remember, Ron recalls how his father Ted, an accomplished artist, used to sit by him on the family settee and show him how to draw.

Always good at art when in school, he later attended College on a Pre-Apprenticeship course in Building, where he excelled and won the class prize for the ‘Student of the Year’.

With his interest in building and art, it seemed like a natural progression for Ron to gain employment in an Architects’ office, drawing plans and designs for houses, pubs and shops.

During his time in the Drawing Office, Ron was also doing odd building jobs for friends and relations as well as being involved in the entertainment business with a double act called ‘The Chosen Two’. The drudge of working by day and singing at night soon led to his resignation from the drawing office. He had a successful career in ‘showbiz’ with the above act and as a solo artiste ( called Tom Sawyer ), a group ( called Daybreak CLICK HERE for ‘Showbiz’ page ) and the highly successful comedy double act of Soya & Bean, who in 1984 where voted ‘Club Mirror – U.K. National Comedy Act of the Year.’

Settling down in 1994 from the rigours of life on the road, Ron took a job as a Teacher in a local prison, where he held the post of Building Multi-skills and Light Handicraft Tutor for 8 years.

During a spell of illness years before, Ron became interested and bought his first computer ( Commodore 64 ), which he soon learned to program. As computers became more and more advanced, Ron moved with the times and as soon as the internet was widely available, he launched his first website. He was instrumental in designing, launching and editing one of the largest websites in Doncaster ( ), before branching out on his own and forming his own web design company ( See &

Being made redundant from his teaching job at the prison, Ron concentrated his efforts on designing websites before the lure of another teaching position took him to Grimsby and work as a Construction / Craft Teacher and Centre Co-ordinator at a college for students with learning difficulties and other disabilites.

Still running his business of designing websites from home leaves little time for anything else, but Ron still managed to find time for his garden, which he has been working on for over 10 years, converting a flat piece of land into a beautifully landscaped garden. ( See My Garden )

In July 2002 Ron married his American wife Mamie, herself an accomplished artist, she works closely with Ron on most of his many projects. Her own website is at the following url…

Ron’s love of computers lured him away from his post in Grimsby to teach I.C.T. ( Information, Commmunication & Technology ) to 11 to 16 year olds at a school in Gainsborough, Lincolnshire, where he started his new position in Sept 2004 at Middlefeld School of Technology, staying there until his retirement from teaching in 2009.

Ron found an interest in the profession of English Toastmaster and after much research/learning and practical experience he became a Member of the English Toastmasters’ Association in October 2009. His Toastmaster website can be seen here…

Ron and his wife Mamie moved to Baton Rouge in her native America in March 2010 but have since moved and settled in New Orleans ( The wording on the page header is a give away) where Ron has recently launched a new web directory aimed at the wedding industry (

Both Ron and his wife are also accomplished artists and along with their other business interests, they have just opened the Pets and Peeps Art Studio ( ).

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  • Lynn Elsey:

    Ron and Mamie
    Wonderful website…..very impressive.You are both real busy people. Paintings are amazing. I will need to make sure Keri-Lynn checks this out.
    Take care and love to you both

  • Albert Castaneda:

    Hey big brother!!! im happy to read how your life little by little has been a success and all because God gave you allo the opportunities and much more to come!! Im happy i met my first real UK friend CUCUu!!!!! you my bro, jeje we miss you on our side of the building.

    Bro i Know that the little that i know you, your proven to me to be a real sincere honest person (not perfect cause i know your messed up a little LOl Just kidding) but Bro i hope during years to come we can be cool work buddies jejeje with codes and all jeje!!!! well bro thats my emial its my personal professional famouse email so dont give it to any paparazzis pleaseee im tired of them,. taking pics of me and videos man and selling to the press!! LOL take care man see you on monday!! say hi to your awesome wife who hipnotized you to come to america LOL the land of the debted and the home of the poor!!!! LOL

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